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There are four Joyce Gang albums available

The first three will soon be available for digital download from this site. There are small quantities of some CDs (priced at £10 plus £1.50 p&p) available now, plus cassette versions.

The latest CD is available for purchase directly via the web. Please visit our online shop.

(Highlighted tracks are available as mp3 samples - 30+ seconds, 250 - 300k)

Sober For a Week (1991) PA1

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Tell Tale Things; The Yellow Dress; New Reels; Grey Northern Sky; Timber and Cocaine; Gasoline; The Cut Lip/The Night on the Plinth; Sober For a Week; St. Patrick's Day; Ingrid Wilson's/26th of April; The Academic Table; End of the Pier; Volcano.

Deadheads Don't Dance (1994) PPA2

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Liquid Fortune/River Exe Reel; Yer Man in Havana; Last Day of Summer/Bird's Favourite; I Thought You'd Come; Running Around; 900 Miles; Wild Wild Women; The Crash Dive; Wreck My Car; Deadheads Don't Dance; When The Night Comes.

In Yer Face - Live (1996) PA3

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Crown of Thorns; One Night in Dakar; The Galloway Princess/Poker at the Doc's/Ian Bond's; 600,000 (On The Streets Tonight); The Green Fields of Canada; Bird; Edinburgh Nights; Jerusalem Ridge; Everyone Wants to be Irish; Own Again Tonight; Sober For a Week; Tell-Tale Things; 900 Miles.


No True Road (2000) PA004

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600,000; Campus Crusader; White is the True Colour of My True Love's Hair/The Hand in The Bush; Closer; Holy Woeful Mound; Sailing; Somebody Else; Robert and the Cowboys; Walking Song; Paddy Goes to Holyland/The True Likeness; The Rose in the Thorn; The End of the Innocence; Roads.

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Paul Downes Solo - Overdue - HTD CD 55

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I thought you'd come; Black is the colour; Closer; For whom the bell tolls; Lovers; Overdue; Losing the fight; Lark above the downs; Go to work on Monday; Tomorrow if not today; Come and be a soldier; Sheath and knife; Real old style.

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